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Nyeisha was born to be a Vegan/Raw-Food Artisan!

From infancy she was raised on a strict raw food diet which consisted mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables; and the benefits of such were shown in her healthy childhood. Even though she attended private school and was around communicable diseases and viruses, her immune system was superb and she never contracted anything, not even the common cold. This resulted in her having perfect attendance from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. During her twenties, Nyeisha decided to stray away from her Raw-Food lifestyle and began eating everything that wasn’t meat. There was an immediate difference in her attitude, her mental clarity, as well as her physical health. After just four months on this standard American diet, Nyeisha gained over thirty pounds, suffered from depression, and had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After realizing the dietary choices she had made were killing her she went on a freshly juiced green tonic and fruit fast for one month. In just that short period of time she had lost almost all of the weight, and the depression and gestational diabetes had totally disappeared. She had regained the energy and strength she had enjoyed on her Raw-Food lifestyle. Nyeisha, now able to think clearly, wanted to know what made her flee away from her life-sistaining, cell rejuvenating, bowel cleansing, and toxin-blocking lifestyle. She kept asking herself, “Was the food really good?” And her answer was “No”. It wasn’t good for her soul or her body, and after finishing those toxic, chemically processed meals, she often remembered feeling stuffed along with an instant mucous build-up.

She refers The Standardized American Diet to a highly addictive drug and said even though the food made her lethargic, ill, and on a road to obesity, the drug was so powerful she found it hard to eliminate it.

In 2005, Nyeisha met the world renowned herbalist, Dr. Sebi, who worked with the likes of Magic Johnson, Michael Jackson, and the late Lisa Lopez (Left Eye) from the group TLC . He elevated her Raw-Food lifestyle by teaching her to eliminate hybrid foods and soy products from her dietary consumption.

She soon realized she could match the illusion of the American diet with the factual Raw-Food lifestyle. She began preparing food which have a Raw-Food base with a tasteful herbal flare. She combines organic fresh fruit and vegetables with herbs that take the palate on a tasteful and guilt-free ride, which leaves you satisfied and craving more.

In October 2008 Nyeisha and her wonderful mother, Sister Beverly, opened up the 1st Raw-Food Vegan Café in Philadelphia

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